Magnetic Therapy for your beloved Horses!

Activo- Med Magnetic Therapy

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We care about your horses

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Whether you are a rider in the top sport, enjoy the company of horses as a hobby, or for example a veterinary, or physiotherapist everyone wants the best for their horse(s). Activo-Med understands that! Therefore they are here to help in that area. This can be as an assistance for training purposes but also with recovery of injuries. They have even thought of the option of wellness treatments for your beloved horses.

Two broad product lines for you and your horse to choose from! The first line is the aqua-line with its well-known aqua trainer and SPA. Secondly we have the impulse-line with the extensive option of training and recovery products.

About Activo-Med

In the past 15 years, Activo-Med GmbH has been a premium manufacturer of therapy and training support systems for horses. Activo-Med is one of the world’s leading companies in the areas of pulsed magnetic therapy and aquatraining for horses.

Additionally continuous innovation is the base of the best magnetic rugs in the world and Germany technology is the foundation of top-notch aquatrainers.

Furthermore Activo-meds product portfolio contains professional training and wellness equipment. Think of walk, trot and gallop treadmills. Followed by wellness SPAs and multi-floors (vibration, weight and magnetic field technology).

Because of the highest security standards and the latest technical know-how Activo-Med stays ahead of the game. Above all the products will convince you through the combination of established manufacturing processes and innovative adjustments.

What products do they offer?

  • Magnetic blanket with massage functions
  • Laser Shower
  • Wave Light Pulse Pad
  • Aqua Trainer & Spa
  • Multifloor (vibration, magnetic and scale technology)
  • Walkers, trotting and gallop treadmills.

More information?

Did you get curious about the therapy systems of Activo-Med? Find out more about the aqua-line with the aqua trainers and all other aqua-line systems here. More information on the full range in the impulse-line can be found here.

In addition: All products can be shipped and installed world-wide!

Contact us for more information and technical specifications or check out Activo-Med for more!