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Why Trust?

The bit fulfils an important task in the communication between rider and horse. An ideal bit is a bit that the horse accepts and that allows the rider to communicate optimally with the horse. But there is not one bit which all horses accept. Every horse and rider have different needs and it is important to meet these. TRUST equestrian has a wide collection of bits that can meet these needs. With its wide choice of mouthpieces, cheekpieces and materials, TRUST equestrian strives to have a suitable bit for every horse.

Designed and handcrafted in the Netherlands

The bits of TRUST equestrian are ultra-Dutch. All bits are designed, developed and handmade in the Netherlands. Every day a team of technical professionals works on the production. The bits are composed with the greatest care and made of the best materials, the quality control and standard is therefore very high.

Endless possibilities

The TRUST bits are available in 3 materials, 20 mouthpieces and 31 cheekpieces. There are an infinite number of combinations possible so that a right bit can be found for every horse.

What products do they offer?

  • ¬†All sorts of bits for all sorts of disciplines
  • Bit accessories, chin-guards, chains, bit strap etc.

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