Consulting Asia – For Business in Asia!

Looking for a partner that understands Asia? Then look no further! We are a young, dynamic company with a great love and understanding of Asia. Above all we are creative, flexible and driven. We are hands-on and innovative in problem solving and not scared of challenging cultural situations. In other words we are your partner in Asia!

Since 2016!

Consulting Asia has conducted consulting services for European companies in the Asian market since 2016. We combined this to our love for Equestrianism & China. As a result, we have specialized in the Asian Equestrian industry as well as Chinese business culture.  Why? Because we just love business in Asia!

Noteworthy is that besides offering consulting services for European companies about Asia, we also offer consulting services to Asian equestrian companies. In Addition, Asian individuals with questions about equestrianism are also always welcome to contact us.

Looking for a partner in Asia?

We offer:

  • Market research
  • Create & implement marketing plans
  • Produce & implement sales plans
  • Agency projects
  • Event organization
  • Production & quality control
  • Translation – English to Mandarin Chinese for Equestrian content
  • Purchasing negotiations

For our Asian Equestrian customers

We can help with:

  • Strategy planning equestrian retail business
  • Educate & consult on technical equestrian products and services
  • Strategically choosing the brands and products to order
  • Coordinate European equestrian supplier trips
  • Organize European horse training or buying trip
  • Arrange stabling of your horse in Europe, and training thereof
  • Add-on: Organize accommodation and cultural visits/leisure trips

Explore more:

Information about our current services can be read in the section ‘’General services’’. In addition, information on the equestrian services for Asian eqeustrians can be found here.

Likewise, the history of the Consulting Asia and our competences can be read here. We are a very proud partner of many top equestrian brands. Therefore you can find more details about each brand on our website.

Is there information missing or would you like to know more? Then you are always able to contact us!

Furthermore, If you have a particular request. For example for a particular project or would like to receive a quote for a service, you are most welcome to contact us. You can do this by sending us an email, fill in the contact form or give us a call.

Warmest Wishes, Consulting Asia.