About us

Consulting Asia is a whole sale and agency company that carries beautiful, comfortable and high-end quality equestrian brands.

We focus on the Asian equestrian industry with its main focus on the Chinese equestrian market.

Consulting Asia is in close contact with each brand we represent, and strive for a communicative connection with our retailers.

We assist the equestrian brands in their marketing plans for China, help them find the best retail partners, explain the uniqueness of their products to the retailers and end consumers and conduct after sales.

Consulting Asia also helps their retail clients order products that suit their store, offer product training, conduct after sales services and also include the Chinese retailers in the brand marketing plans throughout China.

We welcome equestrian brands, Asian retailers and riding school shops to contact us about our brands or services at any moment in time.

Warmest Wishes, Consulting Asia.

Official representative of the finest equestrian brands