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Because equestrianism is in our blood!

Our unique combined love for Asia and Horses makes us your partner! We have an extensive knowledge of the Asian Equestrian market. Above all we understand that these markets are much more volatile than the European equestrian markets. It is our intention to be part of the continuous developments in the Asian Equestrian Industries. To do so we offer multiple services that can help you with the start up or improvement of your business!

Strategy planning equestrian retail business

Are you looking to open a tack-shop, or do you own a riding school or large stable in need of equestrian products? We can help you find the best European equestrian brands! We first help you produce a strategic plan of your business requirements. Thereafter we help you find the best European equestrian suppliers that fit your strategy. We can also produce a marketing plan or suggest marketing ideas to help boost the new brand(s) in your country/market.

Educate, consult on technical equestrian products and services

There are so many products on the equestrian market, it can be hard to understand the use and necessity of all of them. Due to our extensive knowledge of horses until top sport level, and our many years of working with equestrian brands we are well equipped to educate you on technical equestrian supplies. Think of horse bits and the dental anatomy of horses, saddles and the need for their perfect fit, different purposes of bridles, the differences in horse boots and information on medical training support. We either educate you and your staff, or additionally organize clinics for your customer base.

Strategically choosing the brands and products to order

After your strategic retail plan has been made, orders for products and brand are to be send out. We also advice in which brands to work with and which product mix to purchase. We will keep you up to date with the latest collections and newest technological innovations.

Vestrum Italy

Organize European supplier trips

If you are looking to start the purchase of equestrian goods in Europe or are ready to expand your portfolio with European brands, we are more than happy to help you organize this trip. We can schedule meetings with the best European brands, organize factory tours and plan the over-all trip as efficient as possible.

Organize European horse training or buying trip

The love for horses is in our blood, and since our childhood we have worked within the equestrian industry. We know it can be challenging to find the right horse(s) to buy in Europe, or difficult to find a suitable trainer that fits your requirements. With our wide network of equestrian professionals in Europe we are positive to find you’re the best trainer or horse in any European country. Whether that be a tough top sport trainer or a sweet children coach, the best new athlete or a lovely amateur horse, we help you find your best fit.

Organize stabling of your horse in Europe, and training thereof

Did you buy a new horse in Europe, or are you looking to relocate your horse? We will help you find the best permanent or temporary stabling that fits your needs and budget. Would you also need a trainer for your horse? No problem, let us know your requirements and we will find a suitable fit.

onsulting Asia – Official representative of the finest equestrian brands Kingsland Equestrian

Add on to all services;

Organize accommodation and cultural visits/leisure trips

We know you might be too busy to add more organizing work to your schedule or are unfamiliar with organizing in a specific country. Consulting Asia offers the add on service of accommodation planning and booking as well as organizing cultural visits and leisure trips whilst on a business trip. Whether this trip be in Asia or Europe, we know our way around and are more than happy to help you!

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