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A 40-year experience in making saddles in a totally unique way

The saddle is the main point of contact between the horse and the rider. That is why, right from the start it is important that it fits for horse and rider.

Prestige Italia

Prestige since 1974

Nowadays, the name Prestige immediately evokes: innovative horse saddles! However when they established their business back in 1974, their brand name was Appaloosa. Everything started thanks to the passion for the equestrian world of the Stocchetti-Rasia family.

In 1974, the most renowned saddle-makers were from Germany, and Italy had no tradition. They challenged the already consolidated manufacturing techniques to make unique and outstanding saddles. This would enhance the well-being of the rider, but most of all of the horse!

Values of Prestige

Riding requires perfect harmony between horse and rider; only in this way can a human and an animal listen to, and understand each other.

Naturally the greater the comfort for both of them, the easier it is to find a good harmony and the better their performance is. Each of their saddles has been designed to grant maximum comfort to both the horse and the rider. They always bear in mind the morphology of each horse.

Each Prestige saddle combines deep innovation with craftsmanship.

Their cutting-edge choices have allowed them to stand out since the very beginning. As a result it has led Prestige to build the first synthetic fibre tree. At the same time the working skills of their master saddlers, have allowed them to create saddles that meet even the requirements of the most demanding riders.

There is no perfection without special attention to every single detail.

For this reason, Prestige carefully checks the leather that they use for their saddles. Additionally they cautiously select the colour nuances. And while they do so, they always bear in mind the importance of product. Above all, the well-being of athletes and their horse is the distinctive sign of a Prestige saddle.

What products do they offer?

  • Dressage, Jumping, Eventing , Leisure, Pony and Army Saddles
  • Accessories: Girths, Martingales, Bridles, Horse Boots

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