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Made in Italy

Vestrum Italy

Who are they?

Vestrum is a manufacturer and distributor of luxurious technical clothing. Additionally they design and produce beautiful accessories for horse and rider. Founded through the entire Calamai family’s passion for the equestrian world.

The clothing and accessories are designed by head designer Fabio Calamai. Who has 30 years of stylistic creativity experience. Above all, he has a lifetime of equestrian passion in his blood.

The Vestrum Project is therefore born through the passion for horses and 30 years of stylistic experience.

Their Believes?

There is a close relationship between fashion, luxury and riding. Because a continuous thread binds them tightly to elite traditions deeply rooted in memory. But riding is not just performance. It is above all a unique, empathetic relationship, skin against skin with a splendid and proud animal.

Their goal?

Presenting two extensive seasonal collections with the most fashionable pieces that have a natural feel. Additionally, each item is designed to bring out the best shape of your body whilst feeling like a second skin. These items are so comfortable to wear that you will not only wear them in the stable. Because of that, each collection has a few added lifestyle pieces for the real Vestrum fans!

Only Quality!

Fabio Calamia, Head designer, personally researches and chooses leathers and materials and carefully studies every detail. Therefore making sure that the fit of Vestrum apparel gallops at the same pace as its elegance.

All clothes are to be of the highest quality, therefore only the most prestigious materials are used. Consequently, importing raw materials from the best Italian manufacturers only.

What products do they offer?

  • Technical and fashionable competition and training clothing
  • Luxurious accessories
  • Comfortable Luxurious Horse wear

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