About us

Marketing Asia? We are the partner for business in Asia.

Consulting Asia was founded in 2016 in the Netherlands. We started primarily as an agency company working for European companies entering the Chinese market. Ever since we have increased our consulting service portfolio. We have done so in such an extent that we are much more than just a consulting company, we are your proud partner in Asia!

Why choose for Consulting Asia?

Our team has several specialisms that above all make for the right competences to offer quality consulting services to our partners.

Moreover, there is a background of marketing (Marketing Asia), purchasing, international management and equestrian management studies. In addition we have an extensive knowledge of top sport equestrian training and management. Furthermore we are well acquainted in Chinese business culture and we have knowledge of international shipping.

Equestrianism runs through our blood and China has been part of our lives since our childhood. This has been part of the reason we have specialized ourselves in these industries over the years. Other Asian business culture have been of increasing importance to us. Our interest over the past years and our increased curiosity has led to new projects in that area.

How we operate?

We work on part-time contractual basis, one-off projects base and are always open to suggestions and requirements of potential future partners. Our head office is located in the Netherlands and we have a permanent base in Asia.  We fly out to any country to meet the partner and visit any Asian country at request of our partners projects.

More about the current services we provide can be read at the section ‘’general services’’ & ”services for Asian equestrians”. If you have a request for a particular project or would like to receive a quote for a service you are most welcome to send us an email, fill in the contact form or give us a call.