General Services

From local market research to business in Asia to the creation of marketing & sales plans. From finding to best suppliers to production control. Consulting Asia has it all!

Our current consulting services consists of different options which due to our natural curiosity and willingness to learn extends every day. To give you an idea of projects we conduct we have listed some below.

Looking for a business partner in Asia?

Perhaps travelling to Asia is not your favourite aspects of your business. Or maybe you are just too busy to take the next Asia trip. Maybe your company is growing and in need of a continuous part-time or just an one-off project assistance in Asia. We also understand that for some, Asian business culture does not come naturally, this where Consulting Asia comes in!

Travel the world

Conduct market research

We conduct market research for brands or organizations. Depending on the wishes and budget of the client, we conduct market research. This can be in the form of literature market research and/or local field market research. The extend and depth of the research depends on the wishes of the customer.

Create & implement marketing plans

Firstly, we analyse the product or service our partner intends to market. We also want to understand the company’s drivers. Afterwards we evaluate the local Asian market/industry and create a country/continent specific marketing plan. Depending on the outcome, our partner can then decide to launch a marketing campaign in Asia. If requested Consulting Asia is more than happy to execute and monitor the marketing plans.

Produce & Implement sales plans

Consulting Asia evaluates the product or service of our partner that is planned to be sold in Asia. After which we analyse the local market on different aspects. Think of: analysis on sales potential, market needs, competitors, other important features or requested aspects. We then produce the final sales plan. If requested Consulting Asia is also able to implement the sales plan for our partner. Terms of implementation and duration of implementation can differ per client and their wishes.

Agency Projects

Every so often Consulting Asia will take on an agency project. This can happen after we finished creating a marketing or sales plan for a company. However, sometimes a company has already conducted its own market research. And after their research decide to Consulting Asia as an agency company for their product or brand. An agency project can be filled-in in many ways and is one of the specialities of Consulting Asia.

Event organization

After a marketing plan is in place many brands decide to attend trade fairs, or marketing events in Asia. Some companies can use an extra hand in the organization of such an event. Others rather leave the whole organization of the event to us. We have successfully, fully and partly organized trade fairs in the past. The organization of a trade fair in Asia can cause stress and require energy and persistency. We understand this can be an additional hassle to your daily business operations. Therefore we are more than happy to take care of this for you!

Production & quality control

There are so many companies that have a running production in Asia. Whilst some have such a large production that they have their own Asian business units. Others companies can use a hand in this aspect. Consulting Asia can help on a continuous contractual basis but also in terms of one-off project basis. We start by understanding your current relationships with the producers, evaluate the product specifications and required quality features. Afterwards we will visit the production sights to control during production. Or we service as a last buffer control before products will be shipped to your company.

Production control

Purchasing negotiations

Are you looking to outsource production in Asia, or are you not happy with the current Asian supplier? We help find the best supplier for you! Or help to optimize the current outcome of your purchasing in Asia. Depending on your requirements this can be a continuous service, or a one-off project.

Translation – English to Mandarin Chinese for Equestrian content

We know all to well that it is not easy to find a proper translator for spoken or written text. Let alone find a translator for equestrian subjects in China. We are therefore very pleased that we have partnered up with a translator that has a fine understanding of equestrianism. The partner is fluent in English and is able to speak and write correct Chinese (mandarin). These translation services can be requested as one-off projects but is also available on a contractual basis.

Consulting Asia - Great Wall China

Would you like us to be your new partner in Asia? or would you like more information? You can contact us any time!