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Dog With A Mission

Why Dog With A Mission?

When it comes to dog collars, leashes, and other accessories offered at chain stores, it can be hard to find anything that is truly unique. And we understand that you want your special pup to stand out!

DWAM believes that since your dog is a part of your family, they deserve nothing but the most stylish and colourful options out there. Dog With A Mission creates high-end collars, leashes and accessories. They contain heart and soul to perfectly match your dog’s unique personality and loving nature.

DWAM is founded by two friends and travelers, Kim and Eugenie. They offer spirited and stylish dog accessories inspired by the local artisan shops and craftsmen’s creations from around the world. DWAM offers these wonderful creations to you so your dog can stand out from the doggy crowd. Everyone will be asking you what your pup is sporting!


A portion of every sale goes to a variety of animal-related charities including Wings for Animals and the Fundashion Kunuku Kakelvers on Bonaire, Dutch Antilles. Also, DWAM donates old collar collections to rescue animals. So that they too can feel loved and stand out as well. Drawing human eyes to their hopeful eyes as they wait to be adopted.

Çonsulting Asia is very proud to be able to represent such a Hip and ethical brand!

What products does DWAM offer?

  • Unique handmade dog collars & Leashes
  • MAtching human Bracelets & Belts
  • Awesome accessories — Dog Bags and Dog beds

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